Frequently Asked Questions

appleguy7VC63M04aHow much is a web site?

This depends on what you want and the design you choose and how much work is involved. We start at $500.

When can we start?

Immediately, we aim to please! Call us @ (661) 487-9479 and we can work out the details and get you on line today!


VINTAGE LOGO & BADGES 2How long does it take?

Our turn around time is 7-25 business days depending on the complexity of the project. (We can have your site live in 24 hours.) There are exceptions to business’s that require extensive content.

Other Questions

Common Questions

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General Questions

A domain name is the first thing you need to get your web site on-line. Ours is  It is important that you buy your own domain name so that you have the rights to it. Domains are usually around $14 to buy and then $16 per year after that. We can walk you thru the process if you need help. We suggest you open a Godaddy account here